Yay and Nay: Should I buy oversized couches?


Yay and Nay: Should I buy oversized couches?

The world of couches and sofas has become larger for its many innovations. Oversized couches are one of the innovations and are now favored by many families. This furniture is bigger than the general competitors. Nonetheless, albeit the extravagant idea, there’s the yay and nay side you should check about this big boy before you decide to buy one.

Yay: the fancy sides 

Let’s first go for the Yay. There are two main Yay sides of oversized couches which takes them in many living rooms.

Fancy Look

And as it says fancy, the fancy look given by the presence of oversized couches is indeed the number one attraction. With the right placing strategy, the oversized couches will make your living room look bigger and finer in the sense that it looks grand and fascinating. The blend of big room, simple background, and oversized couches will turn your living room to a majestic design of space.

Don’t be too surprised if your guests seem to stay longer in your place if you decide to put this big one in your living room.

Bigger and Comfier Seating

The main function of living room is as an assembling ground, especially if there is any family meeting or homecoming. Hence, the existence and appearance of comfort couches are innate, well, expect you opt to sit on the floor but that’s very rare to find. The oversized couches are equally attractive in this setting. As it has bigger surface, it means that there’s more space for body and for people. The children will surely find the gusto of rolling and playing there. In addition, the adults will be very much delighted to be able to rest their body properly.

Thus, it is undoubtedly comfy for anyone.

Nay: the yucky sides

When there’s Yay, there will be Nay. There’s also two main points which will make you think twice before deciding on this couch. 


Bigger costs more. It might be just words for other things, but for couch wise that’s true words. Compared to the smaller couches, oversized couch is more expensive and isn’t yet pocket friendly. You will need to take quite a lot from your saving to have this comfy and fancy couch resided in living room. This big boy costs almost twice than the common square or curved couches in the market surely for reasonable motives.

Hence, if you’re determined to have this one, you might want to first check the price and start saving more.    


While bigger costs more in term of money, it also needs a wider place. Often times, many people find this problematic after they bought it. Oversized couches are bigger, surely, and it makes it unconventional for the door or the common living room in apartment.

Well, it’ll be wise of you to thoroughly think about the placing before getting excited for oversized couches.


Oversized couches have equal sides of Yay or Nay, so it’s back to you for the final decision. Nonetheless, if the nay isn’t a big deal, an oversized couch is indeed made for you!