The Striking Red Sofa for Your Living Room

 The Striking Red Sofa for Your Living Room

Red is a brave and attractive color and it surely would give the stunning and striking appearance to your living room. If you’re a fan of red, having the bold and sexy red sofa in your living room is probably a dream. But, from the many choices out there, it can be a bit conflicting to choose. After all, spending a big money on a bad quality item is a nightmare. So, to avoid the possibility of your sweet dream turns to be a nightmare, we have picked these three red sofas for you.  

Piper Convertible Sofa


The first pick you need to check is this furniture from Zipcode Design, Piper Convertible Sofa. Covered in the precious burgundy color, this sofa will surely make a sleek appearance in your living room. 

However, it’s not only the appearance that’s going to make you swooned. This red sofa is a perfect combination of design, function, and coziness which are the essential aspects of a sofa. The appearance of this sofa in your living room surely will live the strong and vivid image of your soul. Accordingly, this gorgeous furniture will awe your guests for its versatile function. While the sofa you usually know stuck that way, you can transform this one into a futon-like, making a perfect place for you or your guest to rest. This modern versatility is truly a match of the chic design. 

For the price, this posh furniture might look as an expensive piece, yet the price for this beauty is very affordable. In fact, many of buyers were left stunned by the quality. It’s very pretty, functional, compatible, and friendly to your saving.  

Valmy Sofa


In the next list we have this Valmy Sofa from Langley Street that’s going to be your next crush. This sofa is a real combination of mid-century modern design with the vintage one that’ll going to enhance your living room personality. Embroidered by tufted design, it gives a gorgeous touch which won’t escape anyone eyes. 

This fabulous red sofa is built of sinuous springs and a thick foam cushion, serving you the extraordinary comfort which you might not experience in other sofas. In addition, the size works pretty well with small room and the design can fit any setting. However, albeit the small size, this sofa can fit three people comfortably!

For the price lookout, you won’t find anything with similar quality like this one. Valmy red sofa is a great choice that you need check. It’s insightful from design wise, comfortable for a sitting place, and the fabric is animal friendly. 

Pamelia Sofa


Now, at the bottom of our list, we’ll present you the Pamelia Sofa which is just as competitive and beautiful as the other two. This combination of Hollywood dazzling style and the elegance of Victorian era is made for anyone with the artistry soul. 

This sofa is the definition of modish and beauty. Accordingly, the frame is constructed of solid birch wood which already tells a lot about its longevity. Not stopping there, this red sofa is covered in rich polyester and lovely velvet fabric which is heavenly for your reclining experience. The size of this sofa is equally lovely especially for those whose height is around 6 feet. 

In addition, this sofa has a great yet friendly price that’s really worth the quality. Elegantly colored in deep red color, this sofa will grace a glamorous presence in your living room.

These three sofas we pick here are truly the beauty with class, don’t forget to check them out!