The Holy Guidance to Sofa Frame

 The Holy Guidance to Sofa Frame


Shopping for furniture especially sofa is distinctively different from your grocery or wardrobe shopping. It’s not a daily or monthly item you can buy anytime. For most people, buying a new sofa is a one-time choice for the next ten or twenty years. Thus, it’ll be stressful to make the wrong choice. But, how to decide on the best sofa when there’s an abundant choice in the market? 

There’s one main key for that. For a long-lasting sofa, you should first and most check the sofa frame. Don’t yet fall in love to any sofa, before you know about the frame. A strong frame is the foundation of a long lasting sofa you need. For that, here is the holy guidance to assist your journey of sofa hunting. 


The first step you should take is to decide and check the shape. Nowadays, sofas have gone through a long experiment of innovation which brings them to the various shapes for the option. There’s the tradition square sofa, the curvy sofa, the oval sofa, and etc. Take your time to google about those shapes and which one is best to suit your liking. 

Once you decide on a shape, go to the home depot and find the candidates you’ll take home. Begin your check with the bottom part of sofas legs, make sure it’s a part of the frame or screwed. 


The second step you should take is considering the material. Sofa frame is generally made of wood, metal, plastic, or particleboard. Each of material has its positive and negative side. However, wood is still favored widely as the best material for sofa frame since the durability is guaranteed than the other newcomers. For the wood frame, there are several options which are mainly divided into two: softwood and hardwood. Although hardwood such as oak or beech can be a little expensive, it’s more recommended for its hardness and durability.

On the other hand, metal, plastic, and particleboard can be an interesting choice since development is regularly made for this material. This group can be a better choice than the softwood, but it’s not as good as the hardwood option. 


The third and last step which is also the vital point of choosing a sofa frame is observing the joinery. Whatever the material is, if it doesn’t have strong and sturdy joinery, it won’t last long for more than a year. It’s crucial that you check about how the sofa frame is joined. You can do it by examining the label and find this tag: blocks glued and screwed or metal screws and brackets, or ask the salesperson. That tag means the frame is linked with double action and it equally means safety. If you figure that it’s only joined with staples, nails, or glues, don’t have any second thought of saying goodbye. 

The beauty look on the outside wouldn’t get you the benefit for later.  

Keep those three steps in mind and you’ll find the best sofa frame in no time! You’re already one step closer to find the perfect match.